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Leslie is a spiritual, whimsical, and eclectic person who is always evolving as shown through her Works.

The Infection of secrets

  • ​Produced by Mystic Moonlight Productions, The Infection of Secrets is a solo performance piece created and performed by Leslie Hyland Rodgers, and directed by the renowned Richard Armstrong. 

  • The show utilizes Leslie’s original prose and poetry, music, sound composition and vocal recording, as well as her own collage, drawing, video, and photography.

  • Leslie asks universal questions of self-value and potential, and searches for answers through a unique and personal story. What begins as a celebratory birthday trip to an exotic locale, transitions into a metaphorical journey of trauma and transformation. 

  • The multi-media nature of the electro-acoustic performance allows the audience members to have their own personal experience.

  • The Infection of Secrets is also in development as a film.

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music videos

Symphony of Soul

  • Founded and led by Leslie, Symphony of Soul, a non-profit organization, delivered live, uplifting and healing “musical medicine for the soul” to over 50,000 people in more than 65 Central Texas care centers for over 20 years.

  • It served abused children, battered women, hospice patients, homeless families, and people coping with cancer, Alzheimer’s, addiction, mental illness, and developmental disabilities.

  • Symphony of Soul provided over half a million dollars in financial support to its diverse and carefully vetted roster of 165 professional touring and recording artists.

  • It produced 400 musical performances annually in care centers in its later years.

  • Symphony of Soul partnered with the University of Texas Dell Medical School to conduct studies on the effects of live music on people with Alzheimer’s, thanks to a generous grant from the St. David’s Foundation.

Symphony of Soul Logo.jpeg


NeTune’s Big Adventure

Lead; Short Film; 20th Century Fox; Los Angeles, CA


Supporting; Feature Film; Columbia Pictures; Los Angeles, CA

Loving Deadly

Supporting; Feature Film; Cannes Film Festival; Cannes, FRANCE

A Month in the Country

Supporting; Documentary; Nanterre, FRANCE

The Lying Game

Supporting; ABC Family TV; Austin, TX

Norte a Sur

Spokesperson; Discovery Channel; Austin, TX

The Bold & The Beautiful

Supporting; CBS-TV; Los Angeles, CA

One Life to Live

Supporting; ABC-TV; New York, NY

Another World

Supporting; NBC-TV; New York, NY

Mimes… It’s Just Pretend

Supporting; Short Feature Film; University of Texas; Austin, TX

Getting Back to New York

Supporting; Short Feature; Los Angeles, CA


Two by Two

Lead; Hartley House Theatre; New York, NY


Lead; Hartley House Theatre; New York, NY

Trouble in Tahiti

Lead; Riverside Park; New York, NY

The Good Doctor

Lead; AMDA Studios; New York, NY

Love Council

Lead; The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble; Los Angeles, CA


Supporting; 2nd Stage Theatre; Los Angeles, CA

Funny Girl

Supporting; Long Beach Civic Light Opera; Long Beach, CA


Supporting; Laguna Playhouse; Laguna, CA

USO Christmas Show

Lead; SilverStar/Hyde Park Theatre; Austin, TX

Love Remains

Lead; FronteraFest/“Pick of the Week”; Austin, TX

Once Upon a Time

Lead; One-Woman Show/Private event; Austin, TX

Princess, Pauper, Seeker, Servant

Lead; One-Woman Show/One World Theatre; Austin, TX


Lead; Ground Floor Theatre; Austin, TX

La Ronde

Lead; Theatre des Amandiers; Nanterre, FRANCE

The Versaille Impromptu

Lead; Theatre des Amandiers; Nanterre, FRANCE


Lead; Music Video; Austin, TX

Lead; Music Video; Austin, TX

Lead; Music Video; Austin, TX

Solo EP; Apple Music; Gary Powell Studios; Austin, TX

Solo CD; Apple Music; Gary Powell Studios; Austin, TX

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