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Leslie is a spiritual, whimsical, and eclectic person who is always evolving

as shown through her Works.

The Infection of secrets

Mystic Moonlight Productions presents The Infection of Secrets, a solo theatrical piece created and performed by Leslie Hyland Rodgers, and directed by Richard Armstrong.


The show blends Leslie's live performance with her original prose and poetry, musical and sound composition, vocal recording, collage, drawing, video, and photography.  Like most fairy tales, The Infection of Secrets weaves together themes of happiness and sorrow, fear and bravery, light and darkness.  The show asks universal questions of self-value and potential and searches for answers through a unique and personal story.  What begins as an exotic wilderness holiday becomes a night-long metaphorical journey into past trauma and subsequent transformation into hope and healing. 

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music videos

Symphony of Soul

  • Founded and led by Leslie, Symphony of Soul, a non-profit organization, delivered live, uplifting and healing “musical medicine for the soul” to over 50,000 people in more than 65 Central Texas care centers for over 20 years.

  • It served abused children, battered women, hospice patients, homeless families, and people coping with cancer, Alzheimer’s, addiction, mental illness, and developmental disabilities.

  • Symphony of Soul provided over half a million dollars in financial support to its diverse and carefully vetted roster of 165 professional touring and recording artists.

  • It produced 400 musical performances annually in care centers in its later years.

  • Symphony of Soul partnered with the University of Texas Dell Medical School to conduct studies on the effects of live music on people with Alzheimer’s, thanks to a generous grant from the St. David’s Foundation.

Symphony of Soul Logo.jpeg


NeTune’s Big Adventure

Lead; Short Film; 20th Century Fox; Los Angeles, CA


Supporting; Feature Film; Columbia Pictures; Los Angeles, CA

Loving Deadly

Supporting; Feature Film; Cannes Film Festival; Cannes, FRANCE

A Month in the Country

Supporting; Documentary; Nanterre, FRANCE

The Lying Game

Supporting; ABC Family TV; Austin, TX

Norte a Sur

Spokesperson; Discovery Channel; Austin, TX

The Bold & The Beautiful

Supporting; CBS-TV; Los Angeles, CA

One Life to Live

Supporting; ABC-TV; New York, NY

Another World

Supporting; NBC-TV; New York, NY

Mimes… It’s Just Pretend

Supporting; Short Feature Film; University of Texas; Austin, TX

Getting Back to New York

Supporting; Short Feature; Los Angeles, CA


Two by Two

Lead; Hartley House Theatre; New York, NY


Lead; Hartley House Theatre; New York, NY

Trouble in Tahiti

Lead; Riverside Park; New York, NY

The Good Doctor

Lead; AMDA Studios; New York, NY

Love Council

Lead; The Odyssey Theatre Ensemble; Los Angeles, CA


Supporting; 2nd Stage Theatre; Los Angeles, CA

Funny Girl

Supporting; Long Beach Civic Light Opera; Long Beach, CA


Supporting; Laguna Playhouse; Laguna, CA

USO Christmas Show

Lead; SilverStar/Hyde Park Theatre; Austin, TX

Love Remains

Lead; FronteraFest/“Pick of the Week”; Austin, TX

Once Upon a Time

Lead; One-Woman Show/Private event; Austin, TX

Princess, Pauper, Seeker, Servant

Lead; One-Woman Show/One World Theatre; Austin, TX


Lead; Ground Floor Theatre; Austin, TX

La Ronde

Lead; Theatre des Amandiers; Nanterre, FRANCE

The Versaille Impromptu

Lead; Theatre des Amandiers; Nanterre, FRANCE


Lead; Music Video; Austin, TX

Lead; Music Video; Austin, TX

Lead; Music Video; Austin, TX

Solo EP; Apple Music; Gary Powell Studios; Austin, TX

Solo CD; Apple Music; Gary Powell Studios; Austin, TX

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